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Tao Today Part 1

Tao Today: A Sage’s Take on Modern Society, Part 2

In response to the predicament of his times, Lao Tzu ruminated on the essence of human nature and asked: What can be done to stop the injustice, violence, and greed that inevitably corrupts the core of civilization? According to Welch, the old sage came to the conclusion that a radical operation must be performed on human nature before these systemic issues could be resolved: “First he cuts out desire for superfluous material goods (they only keep their owner awake at night), then desire for praise and fear of blame (both drive men mad), then desire for power (the only successful ruler is one who suffers as his kingdom suffers). But this is not enough. Morality is frequently used to justify violence. Morality must go. Violence frequently starts with a fixed difference of opinion. Fixed opinion must go. But without desire, morality, and opinion, what is left for a man to occupy his time? The best things of all: physical enjoyment and cultivation of the inner life. Once a man knows these, success in competition will …

Brazil Wordle 1

Escape to Happiness and Insanity: Gilliam’s Brazil

Brazil is a mess of a movie in the best possible way. Terry Gilliam’s creation is wildly original and incredibly chaotic, blending elements of comedy and drama into an unforgettable piece of cinema. Visually extravagant and thematically dense, Brazil rewards observant and repeat viewers with a barrage of imagery and subtext ripe for speculation and analysis. A story with almost too much to say, I regard Brazil as one of the most memorable explorations into the absurdities and perils of modern society, and worthy of becoming an Ekostory.

Isaac’s Hummingbird, by artistatexit0

Isaac’s Hummingbird (Archilochus isaaci), by artistatexit0 I am always grateful when someone finds something of value from my essays, but I never expect anyone to be inspired enough by my words to create something. So it came as a delightful surprise to read about the discovery of a rare species of hummingbird from one of my favourite blogs. I’ve featured artistatexit0’s work on Ekostories before – he has a talent for creating whimsical stories and sculptures out of natural and man-made artifacts that charm and educate. This latest post is no different, so please check it out.

The Time Traveler, by artistatexit0

The Time Traveler, Another Found Object Story, by artistatexit0. While researching for my Pikmin piece, I was reminded of the stories from Artist at Exit 0 Riverblog. One of the most creative blogs I’ve had the pleasure to come across, the artist utilizes pieces of Styrofoam and other debris found along the riverbank to construct unforgettable characters and sculptures; a fantastical story is usually woven around those creations.  Like the Pikmin games, each blog post represents an exercise in creativity and speculation, always told with charm and whimsy while containing subtle commentary about our culture of consumption. This link below is one of my favourite entries: I invite you to check it out!

Climate Voices Climate Change Documentary

6 Billion Others: Climate Voices

“I don’t believe there’s a climate change. I know there’s a climate change. [chuckles] Because I’ve lived off the land most of my life, and I see what’s happening out there on the land, especially in the northern region of the Yukon. I see how the permafrost is melting, how lakes are going dry, how the water’s low…” – Gentleman from the Yukon Territories in Canada, Climate Voices We can encounter compelling stories in the most unexpected of places. I stumbled across Climate Voices on a flight home from a long and emotionally draining trip.  Unable to sleep after watching an entire season of No Reservations, I noticed the short film while flipping thorough the documentary section. Initially hesitant to watch an educational film in my sleep-deprived state, I decided to give it a chance after realizing the hours of insomnia that lay ahead of me. What I discovered was a remarkable series of personal stories from people across the world.