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Hope is what we become in action, by Frances Moore Lappé

I posted Derrick Jensen’s controversial piece on hope a few weeks ago. This week, I want to explore another person’s perspective on the subject. Adapted by the Center for Ecoliteracy, Hope is What We Become in Action is a fascinating interview with Frances Moore Lappé, author of Diet for a Small Planet and Ecomind. Lappé speaks of the need to rethink the way we communicate and perceive the ecological crisis on a foundational level. I’ll highlight several parts of the interview I found interesting:

One Straw Revolution Masanobu Fukuoka

Food, Awareness, Action: The One Straw Revolution

Humanity’s relationship with food is elemental; our daily food choices serve as vivid reminders of our dependence upon the living world. In The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Nature History of Four Meals, author Michael Pollan writes, “daily, our eating turns nature into culture, transforming the body of the world into our bodies and minds” (p.10).I read The One Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka not long after becoming aware of permaculture, a branch of ecological engineering that draws inspiration from natural ecosystems. His little green book forced me to reexamine my own assumptions on how I came to know the world around me. At times radical, counterintuitive, and unsettling, The One Straw Revolution is a fascinating account of one man’s physical, spiritual, and philosophical journey through life.

An Integrated Landscape: Yongsan National Park

Humans evolved to love nature. So city-dwellers, too, can and are rediscovering this natural connection, finding that it enhances our health, learning, and fun. As we reconnect with nature, it’s likely that support for public action to heal the natural world will grow too. (Frances Moore Lappé, EcoMind: Changing the way we think, to create the world we want, p.197) That quote was in my mind when I came across an interesting link, courtesy of Knowledge Ecology, on a new proposed national park in Korea. Winning proposal for Yongsan National Park in Seoul, Korea: Rotterdam-based urban design and landscape architecture practice west 8 and korean firm IROJE have collaboratively designed ‘Yongsan park’, the winning proposal for the International Competition for Master plan of Yongsan park in Seoul, Korea. The master plan transforms a 243 hectare site within the center of the urban fabric which has been isolated with a secure wall into a park. Previously used as a military base during both Japanese and American occupation, the green space will provide residents with a sublime …