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Ekostories in episodes of television series.

Louis CK - Everything is Amazing Nobody is Happy

Louis C.K. – Everything is Amazing!

Comedy is frequently regarded as being inferior to drama; you will never see a comedy win Best Picture at the Oscars. The fool forever plays second fiddle to the tortured soul. That seems a shame. In my opinion, comedy is as equally as difficult to master as drama; stand-up comedy is perhaps the hardest craft of all. I really admire stand-up comedians; it takes a lot of courage and a dose of instability to do what they do. Not everyone can become one. Even in the telling of a joke, many of us rush or meander, mess up the sequence of events, skip crucial information, dwell too much on non-essentials, botch the delivery, and mangle the climax. To a comedian, committing any of these mistakes amounts to losing the audience: the story must be told rightly or not at all. In that sense, standup comedians are the storytellers of the modern age. Being able to tell a story well is an art and a gift; there is skill, craftsmanship, and artistry involved in creating and …

Jim Henson's Dinosaurs Word Cloud

A 90’s Flashback: Dinosaurs’ Changing Nature

Television sitcoms are unlikely sources for meaningful stories about the environment. But there are exceptions. I found one of them in Jim Henson’s Dinosaurs, a puppet show that ran for four seasons from 1991 to 1994. Dinosaurs takes place in 60 million years BC and follows the lives of a typical dinosaur family: Earl Sinclair, father; Fran Sinclair, mother (voiced by Jessica Walters, for all you Arrested Development fans out there); Robbie Sinclair, son; Charlene Sinclair, daughter; Junior Sinclair, aka The Baby; and Grandmother Phillips. The show is a satirized portrayal of the American household; each episode typically features the family dealing with topical issues of the day. The LA Times described the show as a “consistently funny comedy to chew on, the only spot on television where the Mesozoic Era intersects with witty social commentary.” Many regarded the show as a unique blend of The Honeymooners, The Flintstones, and All in the Family. The series finale titled “Changing Nature” revolves around Earl’s irresponsible actions towards the environment, and provided an emotional and lasting experience …