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Lodestone, Tahoma Lit Review

Excited to have a flash nonfiction piece published in the latest issue of Tahoma Literary Review, a great journal produced with “the aim of contributing to and sustaining a healthy literary ecosystem.” A description of the themes explored in this volume:

“The 25 selections in our Fall/Winter issue describe dreams and omens; bodies in motion; how we deal with fear and grief; what we inherit and what we pass on. The stories, essays, and poems range in time and geography from the drought-ridden Midwestern plains of the 1870s to present-day Cheung Chau, Hong Kong.” 

TLR13 cover

Cover art by Pausha Foley.

“Lodestone” takes place in that latter location, on the isle of Cheung Chau off the shores of Hong Kong, and revolves around a narrator’s return to a homeplace only to discover he is not the only one who has been drawn back. The featured photo may help you situate in the space, as it did for me when I finally sat down to write this piece.

I feel especially fortunate to be in the company of some fantastic authors in this issue; for the price of a coffee you can download their stories for your reading pleasure, or you can listen to them read their work aloud for free over here at the TLR Soundcloud channel. Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on my hard copy – Pausha Foley’s cover art is simply gorgeous. Until next time!

Check Out the Issue Here


  1. Congratulations indeed Isaac: You write so well and you are obviously on my side. I care about what happens to this beautiful world of ours too. Thank you for being there and for doing something about it. All the best. Muriel

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