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Me and Gravity, Orion Magazine

Update: “Me and Gravity” has been selected as a “Notable” entry in The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2017 Anthology.

I am honoured to be a contributor in the latest double-issue of Orion, a fantastic magazine that explores ideas around nature, culture, and place. If that tagline sounds familiar to Ekostories, it’s because Orion was one of my chief inspirations for taking up the pen (keyboard?) years ago and remains one of the few publications I relish reading from beginning to end. I’m thrilled to have my short piece, “Me and Gravity”, included as the coda. But beyond the thrill of seeing the work in print, what I am most grateful for  – and it was something that came as a delightful surprise – is to be part of an issue that focused on diversity and perspectives, especially pertaining to the environmental movement.


Soon After the Monsoon, by Shonto Begay, Dineh.

So here is my request: If you haven’t already, pick up this beautifully produced, completely ad-free publication and see what it’s about. But don’t do it because of my silly little story. Don’t even do it for the amazing writing by personal craft heroes like Joe Wilkins and Barry Lopez (both of which are featured in this issue and are amazing.)

Do it for Navajo artist Shonto Begay’s stirring cover titled Soon After the Monsoon.

Do it for Gary Ferguson’s musings on what his baby boomer generation’s environmental movement got right and got wrong.

Do it for Zachary Slobig giving voice to the indigenous Guna community of Panama as they deal firsthand with the realities of climate change resettlement.

Do it for Jennifer Case’s personal essay on shifting ideas of connection and place in modern motherhood; for “Whose Parks Are These?”– a collection of voices speaking on the issue of race and national parks; for Laurel Nakanishi’s weaving together of wilderness and sexual identity (“In the wilderness, no one cares who I’m kissing.”)

Do it because the brilliant art and stories contained within will lead you down different paths and unexpected journeys.

Do it because the voices featured deserve to be heard, and because they have the power to expand and enrich us all.

Check Out The Latest Issue of Orion Here

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Featured image by Noah Klugman taken from wikipedia.


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