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Ekostories Reconnect: Majora’s Mask

Since late last year, I confess I’ve been rather absorbed with ceramics. Over the past few months, I’ve discovered the many parallels that exist between sculpting with clay and working with words. Both mediums possess their own temperament; brute force and thoughtless acts generally results in spectacular failures. Both mediums draw from the same creative pool, requiring time and distance for replenishment. The limitations of each medium forces one to devise workarounds, leading to new insights and unexpected results. The pleasure that comes from breakthroughs and completion feels similar, is intense but fleeting, and afterwards one realizes that it is the process that must ultimately provide the sustenance. Finally one must accept the work is never perfect, never finished.

With all this in mind, I found myself in recent sessions drawing inspiration from the narratives I’ve explored on Ekostories. This got me thinking about pairing a few of my ceramic pieces with past essays in an attempt to reconnect with past works through new creations. I hope these combinations will spark renewed interest and insight for regular readers while providing starting points for new visitors to the site to jump in. As always, I welcome your thoughts on both the written and sculpted pieces.

Majora's Mask Ceramic Moon Side profile

“Lunar Consumption”: M370 clay, yellow and black slip, clear glaze, red sharpie.

The first in the new Reconnect Series features the story in Majora’s Mask. The clay piece depicts one of the chief antagonist of the game, a moon that threatens to destroy the world within three days’ time. An excerpt from the essay:

“Instead of a conventional epic, Majora’s Mask is a game focused on connections and relationships that rewards keen observation and patience. It is a narrative composed of many small stories that convey the breadth of the human condition. Its mature portrayal and exploration of grief and loss in the face of mortality – elements not traditionally explored in the videogame medium – makes it a memorable game more than a decade after its release. Do these features make it a great game? That would depend on what one expects from a game. But there is no doubt in my mind that Majora’s Mask tells a fascinating and deeply human tale.”

– Zelda’s Twisted Tale: Majora’s Mask

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