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Canadian Landscapes, by The Group of Seven

A lovely recent post on Orion Magazine’s Facebook page:

“2015 marks 95 years since the Algonquin School painters mounted their first exhibition. Also called The Group of Seven, its members’ works were inspired by the Canadian landscape. They believed that a distinct Canadian art could be developed through direct contact with nature, a wonderful mission statement for this, their country’s first major national art movement.”

Visit their Facebook page here


  1. I didn’t quite see Orion’s FB link on Group of 7.
    Canada’s art and environmental movements owe a great deal to the Group of Seven painters. They first revolutionized artistic expression of the Canadian landscape and Nature here with boldness yet timeliness.

    Their paintings I am certain evoke Canadian memories of expansive, awesome Nature and what we need to preserve.

    • Hey Jean,

      It was a post a bit back, on Feb 10.

      I admit, I’m not well versed at all in my Canadian art history. Perhaps I should delve a bit deeper into it.

      • They revolutionized artistic interpretation of Canadian landscape from the paintings of colonial painters of darkness.

  2. Thank you for posting this Isaac – I am re-blogging with your permission – Been out of commission with my blog recently due to an injury… Always enjoy what you put on- Thank you

  3. Reblogged this on Enviroart by Suzanne Bélair, IAF, AFC and commented:
    Since I have not been blogging much lately due to that October injury, I thought this would be interesting The group of Seven represent the emergence of a Canadian National Art. Much to say about them and to discover. The best collection is at the Toronto’s AGO- Art of Gallery of Ontario- A definite Must see extensive collection

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