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The Camunico Annual: On Cultural Leadership

Camunico Annual

Cover courtesy of Camunico.

“… by taking a more post-modern approach, we have tried to bring together a series of articles that initially may seem unrelated but which, we believe, all contribute to offering perspectives from which readers are invited to allow their own ideas to develop; ideas about the nature of change around us, and how we, as individuals, organizations and institutions might thrive within that change.”

– Camunico Annual, p.7

I was recently asked to contribute an edited version of my essay, Playing to Tie, to the inaugural issue of the Camunico Annual. Camunico is an Amsterdam-based leadership firm exploring “the cultural changes of our time, and how [they] influence individuals, businesses and leadership.” The short publication is now available free online, and my piece is accompanied by the following features:

  • Joe Zammit-Lucia argues for the need to redefine leadership for the 21st century;
  • Renowned artist Anish Kapoor speaks about lessons artists can offer the business world;
  • Rob Wijnberg speaks on the future of journalism;
  • An exploration of ancient tea ceremonies and their relevance to contemporary leadership.

Each article is an intriguing read, but my favourite has to be the conversation with Kapoor, a sculptural artist delving into his creative process. Here are a few choice quotes:

On the Importance of Uncertainty:

“In my case, the more ‘I don’t know’ time I have, the more creativity comes out of it. One has to find the time to sit and wonder. The less pressing the agenda, the deeper the work. If this can be done properly, freely, then in the end, there is more space for the observer.”

– Camunico Annual, p.19

On Creativity and Innovation:

“Sometimes when I look back and reflect, I can see that I have had periods where I’ve been stuck or lost, but that’s fine. The whole point is that these periods are necessary, otherwise I can’t do the rest.”

– Camunico Annual, p. 21

Would love to hear your thoughts on any of the pieces, and thanks for reading!

Check out the Annual here

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