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Margaret Atwood Journeys to Earthsea

“I would call [A Wizard of Earthsea] a fantasy book for adults. You might call it young adult or fantasy, or one of those categories—which are really just there to help people put things on bookshelves. But because it is really talking about life and mortality and who are we as human beings, and what is the relationship between our darker side and the rest of us, I think it can be profitably read by anybody over the age of 12.”

Margaret Atwood


  1. I bought the box set of the Earthsea Trilogy many, many years a go. I remember thinking at the time how cool it was that Le Guin recognized the power of names and how they reveal in their own way something about each person, place, or things’ identities. Who knew at the time these books first appeared that Le Guin’s work would rise above the genre?

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