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The Power of Storytelling

“No philosophy can compare in intensity and richness of meaning with a properly narrated story… storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it… it brings about consent and reconciliation with things as they really are…”

– Hannah Arendt, political philosopher


  1. David Bonney says

    Hannah Arendt eschewed being identified as a political philosopher; she described herself as a political theorist.

    • Yeah, I noticed her rejection of the label on her wikipedia page, but after listening to the program I linked to, philosopher seemed like a better fit that theorist to me – a personal perception of those terms. But regardless, the quotes above resonate quite strongly with me.

  2. Karen Wan says

    I agree with Aren’t and you. Stories shape our lives, probably more than anything else.

  3. I totally agree as I’m an author myself and appreciate the difference a well narrated story could make in conveying meaning while giving pleasure.

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