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Distance, Perspective, Awe: The Overview Effect

I recently came across this short film created by a group called the Planetary Collective and was immediately captivated by what astronauts, philosophers, and authors described as the “Overview Effect”:

A full piece exploring the ideas and themes of the film will be up on Ekostories in a few weeks. I wanted to share this now because the group is doing a Kickstarter for a full-length feature titled Continuum that is due in a week or so, and I figured they could use some exposure.  If Overview is any indication of quality, Continuum is going to be one fascinating and thought-provoking documentary.

You can learn more about the project at The Planetary Collective Presents: Continuum.


  1. Thanks for posting that film. We all struggle to give voice to the ineffable. I appreciated hearing about the experiences of those who had the privilege of seeing the planet from space. In some ways, I’m reminded of the Planet Earth series produced by the BBC.

    • You are welcome. I am personally intrigued at the different approaches people take to capture that sense of awe – religious, scientific, non-theistic spirituality, whatever they may be.

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