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Shifting Themes

With the popularity of browsing from tablets and mobile devices nowadays, I’ve decided to switch to a new theme.  I recently got the chance to play around with an ipad and was dismayed to find how poorly formatted the site was. It was borderline unreadable. I like Quintus, but to be honest, it was always a bit finicky to deal with. So I’m going with a more minimalistic theme called Runo Lite.

Some changes – I’ve removed the sidebar to provide a better overall reading experience; I think a full-page setup is better for essays.  Topics, links, and popular entries will be at the bottom of the page in the footers. Hopefully everything will be easier to navigate, quicker to load, and more intuitive.

Comments and feedback, as always, are greatly appreciated. Let me know how you find the new layout of the site in terms of aesthetics and accessibility, especially if you’re a tablet user. Personally, I’m wondering if I should spend the 30 dollars a year to get the WordPress customization package and add a splash of colour, but I can decide that at a later date.

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A Hong-Kong Canadian writer based in Berlin, Isaac currently is at work on his debut nature essay collection titled "Utter, Earth," forthcoming in Fall 2023 from West Virginia University Press.


  1. Karen Wan says

    I like your new format and theme, though I tend to read posts on my computer. I just changed my theme on my writing your destiny blog simply because I was tired of the old one; you’re making me wonder if I should check my blogs out on mobile devices too. Best of luck with this new format!

    • Be sure to see if your themes are responsive-width themes. That means the layout adapts to the size of the device being used to access your blog. My old one was supposed to be, but it chopped off the header and did weird stuff with pictures.

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