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The Beauty of Water Droplets, by Andrew Osokin

Droplets by Andrew Osokin

The Beauty of Water Droplets, by Andrew Osokin

I recently came across the macro photography of Andrew Osokin in the environment section of the Guardian. I was captivated by the images taken around his home city of Moscow, but more intrigued by the photographer’s motivations:

“I am greatly interested in photographing the natural world and wanted to show the beauty of nature at a scale that we do not ordinarily appreciate.” (Andrew Osokin)

His comment speaks of the beauty that is all around us, even if we do not readily observe it. Osokin’s photographs reminds me of an Ekostory I wrote on the Pikmin videogames:

What if dandelions were the height of telephone poles? What if rusty cans were the size of houses? What if puddles were as deep as great lakes? By presenting familiar outdoor settings from an unfamiliar perspective, the Pikmin games allow the player to identify with their diminutive avatars and the creatures they encounters in this alien but recognizable world. The player is asked, in subtle fashion, to consider the secret lives of animals that generally escape his/her notice.  (An Alien’s Perspective: Pikmin 1 &2)

What do you think? Do these photos help you gain an appreciation for the small wonders that exist just outside our normal perception? Do these droplets inspire the same feelings as mountain landscapes and endless oceans?

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A Hong-Kong Canadian writer based in Berlin, Isaac currently is at work on his debut nature essay collection titled "Utter, Earth," forthcoming in Fall 2023 from West Virginia University Press.


  1. smallftprints says

    They absolutely do … and they make me want to head out for a walk and pay close attention to the treasures we usually miss. Thank you for sharing both this photographer’s work and your Ekostory.

  2. Perspective is everything. I remember reading Gulliver’s travels when I was a kid. What was most striking was the different perspective of tiny to the big. Excellent post.

    • I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t read Gulliver’s. I’ve heard so much about it and I know I will love its blend of the fantastical with satire. Just need to get around to it!

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