Reconnect Series
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Reconnect 1: Visually Striking Ekostories

Human beings are visual creatures; our eyes and brains work in concert to extract patterns and meanings through the narrow visible spectrum. Vivid imagery can speak to us in a wordless tongue, reaching deep into our hearts and minds to make us see the world and ourselves in a new light. Because they are more open to interpretation than words, visual narratives can be less confrontational and more accessible.

This week’s Reconnect highlights three past Ekostories which utilize aesthetics as a way to engage viewers to think more deeply about humanity’s relationships with the environment. Flower by thatgamecompany is a unique videogame that harnesses the power of its medium to deliver a sublime interactive experience. The Changing Countryside by Jörg Müller trains its gaze on one specific place over time, calling attention to alterations both subtle and drastic caused by modernization and urbanization. Jeannie Baker’s Window and Belonging takes a similar approach with its emphasis on place, utilizing a progression of beautifully constructed murals to depict feelings of nostalgia, sadness, and joy that are associated with environmental and social change.

Flower Wordle

Flower, by thatgamecompany

Jörg-Müller The Changing Countryside - May 1953

The Changing Countryside, by Jörg Müller

Belonging and Window Wordle

Window and Belonging, by Jeannie Baker

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